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With love from the Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom comes “Iced With Elegance”. We specialize in making cakes for every occasion. Small cakes, big cakes, cupcakes, tiered cakes…we make them all. Weddings, birthdays or anniversaries we are here to look after all your cake needs. We shall make a cake for you that is, not only rich and oozing with goodness, lip smacking tasty but also, a feast for the eyes. We have a wide variety of selection for you to choose from. Take a look at this vast variety and make your choice.


WEDDING CAKES Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Traditionally wedding cakes were made as a token of good luck for the bride and the groom. Over a period, this concept has changed, and the wedding cake has now become a centrepiece of the wedding reception. The wedding cake is usually tiered and has an imitation of the bride and the groom on top. At “Iced With Elegance” we make your wedding cake as you want it to be. It can be a traditional wedding cake or traditional wedding cake with modern touches, and if you are having a theme wedding then we shall make a cake that suits your theme. If you want a completely modern looking cake for your wedding then, have no fear we shall do that too. The options are endless, all you have to do is tell us how you visualise your cake. Your ideas will be incorporated into the wedding cake to make it stand out in the crowd.



Give your spouse a complete surprise by ordering an anniversary cake from “Iced With Elegance”. In case you are planning a celebration with friends and family to mark the same occasion then, our anniversary cakes are sure to make your celebration even more special. Like wedding cakes, the anniversary cakes are also important. They are a reminder of your love and togetherness. Sharing a piece of this heavenly anniversary cake, with you near and dear ones will mark a milestone in your lives. Have a look at our cakes or just tell us what you want your anniversary cake. We shall make a cake for you anniversary whose every bite will fill your mouths with the richness of taste and goodness of love. Make sure to complete your anniversary celebration with a cake from “Iced With Elegance”.



An integral part of every birthday celebration is a birthday cake. It has to be a reflection of the person whose birthday is being celebrated and what he or she loves the most. Singing of the birthday song and blowing of candles is also associated with the cutting of the birthday cake. As with elders, your child can also decide on the type of cake he or she wants. We can even make a cake to match the theme of your birthday party. Have no fear our birthday cakes are equally scrumptious and a complete eye candy.


Wedding cakes, birthday cakes and anniversary cakes, we make them all and we make them to your satisfaction. For all the people of United Kingdom, you now have a chance to complete your celebration with a special cake from “Iced With Elegance “.

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