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Intellectual property refers to creations of an individual, for which he or she has a monopoly over by law. The protection of an idea a person developed is as important as protecting physical inventions. Intellectual property includes artistic, literary, and scientific works, industrial designs, commercial names, trademarks, designations, scientific discoveries, performances, and inventions in all fields of human endeavor.

If your work falls into any of these categories, you should protect your ideas. Thanks to this, no one will be allowed to use your creations, and present them as theirs. This way, you can be sure you will be the only person benefiting from your ideas, and you will have complete control over them. Without intellectual property laws, no one would have the motivation to invent something new. Inventors would avoid trying to come up with something new if anybody could copy their work and benefit financially. However, thanks to IP laws, a creator is the only person who will earn money from the invention. Our society wouldn’t be where it is now without individuals continuously making efforts to take current technology one step further.


If you want to establish the best way to protect your idea or concept from being copied by others, you should contact IP Lawyers – Livingston & Loeffler for consultation. It is crucial to figure everything out before presenting your idea to the wider market. Intellectual property is an area of the law that is constantly changing. That’s why these lawyers always need to be on their toes. They have to be up-to-date with the newest legal changes so that they can assist their clients in the best way possible.
For many individuals, the legal process can be quite confusing and complex. That’s when they choose to hire professionals. Lawyers will explain and discuss rights of their clients, and advise them which course of action would be perfect for their situation.

When hiring a professional, always choose the best one you can find. Go for someone with years of experience, and many satisfied clients. If you have any questions regarding intellectual property protection, an IP lawyer will give you answers. As a result, you won’t have to spend countless hours researching on the internet and trying to find what you want to know. If you need more information, click here.

Types of intellectual property

There are several categories. A patent represents rights of an inventor to exclude others from using, selling, making, and importing an invention for a limited period, after which he or she needs to disclose it to the public. It includes products and processes connected to solving a particular technological issue. Copyright is also for a limited period. However, it applies to intellectual, creative, and artistic works.


Trademarks include signs, expressions, and designs, which distinguishes a product or a service of a particular company from the competition. Trade dress refers to the aesthetic and visual appearance of a product and its packaging. Finally, a trade secret represents a practice, process, instrument, formula, patent, and the combination of information thanks to which a company has an economic advantage over competitors.

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