Penalties For A Drunk Driving In NJ

A DWI is the term in New Jersey for a driving under the influence. DWI simply stands for driving while intoxicated. Drunk driving is a serious matter in our country. Each year, around 10,000 deaths are caused by drunk driving. If you ask me, this number is way too high. While the ideal number would be zero, unfortunately, that is not realistic. People will be people, and we all make mistakes sometimes. If we can work to decrease the level of drunk driving in our country, though, we would all be better off. It’d be good not to have to worry about driving home late at night because there might be drunk drivers on the road. It would be nice to feel safe as the designated driver because you can trust that others are being as responsible as you. It would be nice not to worry about your children being out late because you know that it is possible for them to be killed by a drunk driver. All of these things would be nice, but unfortunately, a lot of people just do not understand the penalties for a DWI in New Jersey. Let us start with the legal penalties, then move on to the other penalties – the ones that affect others.

(h2>Legal Penalties for a DWI in New Jersey

There are some minor and severe penalties for a DWI in NJ. Because of the criminal nature of DWI cases, when you are facing DWI charges, you will not have a jury trial. Instead, a judge will preside over your case and make the final ruling. Which penalties your judge decides to give you depends on things including your age, how high your BAC (blood alcohol level) was when you were pulled over, whether or not it was your first offense, and how you acted when you were stopped by the police. Some of the potential penalties that a judge can give you include:
– having an ignition interlock device installed in your car
– fines of up to $1,000 (there will likely be additional fees)
– jail time (varies depending on the severity of your case)
– a required class
– suspension of your driver’s license.

Other Penalties for a DWI

While the legal penalties are not exciting, the additional consequences that come with a DWI can be even worse. When you choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol or another substance, you choose to put not only your life but the risk of other drivers and passengers at risk. As mentioned earlier, almost 10,000 deaths are caused by drunk driving each year in the United States. Not all of the people who suffer fatal injuries from drunk driving accidents are the offenders. Imagine you choose to drive home after drinking at the bar. Because of your impaired vision and slower response time, you end up hitting a car with a family in it. The parents suffer some injuries, but they will live. The children, however, suffer fatal injuries. Imagine how those parents must feel and imagine how you will feel for the rest of your life knowing what you caused. Now, next time you are out drinking, think about these consequences and ask yourself if driving home is a good idea.

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